Friday 19 Apr, 2019

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About Us

About Us

by Rama

Winnovation is a Tech Education Services Company focused at Technical Education reforms , Founded in 2017 , We are a pioneer Breakthrough Technology Education Services Company. Winnovation is breath of fresh Air in a cluttered world of piecemeal training solution environment. We have developed a complete ecosystem of Industry Knowledge Academy – Campus Delivery – Career Coaches –Placement Exchange.

We are 360* One stop solution for creating Technical Employable Professionals .

  • Global expertise with India specific Solution to develop employable professional.
  • Ecosystem of Passionate Educationists who have pledged to do a course correction in the sick world of technical education.
  • Help Students and Institutes to be Next Gen Industry Employable.

We are bringing back the dignity and respect for word Engineers by Creating WinEngineers through our structured Campus Tech Education “Corporate Employability programs (CEP) and Placement Seal Guarantee( PSG).

  • Designed and Certified By Industry for recruitments.
  • Delivered by Industry Professionals.
  • Delivered at Institute Campus.
  • Drive and Create Employable Engineers –Wingeers™.
  • Re-Engineer the Engineering Institutes Ecosystem and Make it a next–Gen Institute.
  • International University Certifications on Campus.
  • The power of  “WinEmpXchange ™ ” a Winnovation Employment Engine with a pool of 500 companies and growing daily.