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Saturday 25 May, 2019

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by Rama

Industry goes for campus placements and right talent search every year and then Industry Invests time and Money to train the same talent for specific Jobs.

Winnovation has a knowledge Academy of Industry professionals who Partner with Industry and develop Industry specific Training Curriculum. We train on Industry parameters and Corporates need not invest on internal trainings after recruitments .We have partnered with more than 500 companies and the list is growing on daily basis. We take care of Industry’s campus placement, Placement requirements, Trainings and CSR round the year. With a core focus on New Engineers placement.

  • Winnovations partners with Industry to run their specific programs and training.
  • Winnovation Certified Engineering campus creates specific WinGineers for you.
  • A fresh Winnovation WinGineer is better than 2 years of Experience.
  • Rely on us for all running your certified programs and your campus recruitments.
  • Bank on us for all placement requirements.
  • Always Readymade Back up and Backfill.
  • Partner with us to Drive CSR initiatives effectively.